Successful online course on IGA

The first DRIVEN virtual lectures took place on WebEx conferencing app the 7-9 of June 2021. This new format is our answer to COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions to address the objectives of DRIVEN to exchange knowledge between the partners. For the ocasion, Prof. Stéphane Bordas, from the University of Luxembourg, prepared a tailored lecture … Continued

Online Course on Iso-Geometric Analysis

In order to counterbalance the travel restrictions due to COVID-19, the DRIVEN team decided to transform some of the project activities into virtual ones. After several discussions between the University of Luxembourg and the University of Limerick, both partners defined a topic of high interest for their use of data-driven simulations, namely Iso-Geometric Analysis (IGA). … Continued

Interview of the DRIVEN Coordinator

The Coordinator of DRIVEN project, Prof. Stéphane Bordas, was recently interviewed by the Letzebuerger Journal. In this interview, he discussed science, research in Luxembourg and more generally his life as a renowned mathematician. His inspiring interview was captured by the Letzebuerger Journal into a podcast you can listen at the following links: Spotify

Statistics of the 2nd Winter School

In a previous article, we talked about the organisation of the successful 2nd DRIVEN Winter School on the 26-29 January 2021. The event attracted 63 participants in total and we asked them to fill in a questionnaire to assess the quality of the event and identify possible improvements for future events. We collected data from … Continued

DRIVEN at the FNR “Chercheurs à l’école” 2021

The FNR organised the 11th edition of their “Chercheurs à l’école – Researchers go back to school” event the 15-19 March 2021. Researchers from Luxembourg are invited to interact and motivate future generations and share their passion for science and research. As part of DRIVEN project, the partners are welcome to organise outreach activities to … Continued

Winter School 2021

The DRIVEN project organised its 2nd Winter School on the 26-29 January 2021. The event focused on topics relevant to manufacturing, mechanics and characterisation of advanced engineering materials. The winter school co-organised by the University of Luxembourg and the Bernal Institute at Limerick University proposed a 4-day programme fully virtual to ensure safe participation for … Continued

The new Seminar Programme

During the year 2020, the DRIVEN partners had to be creative to achieve the project’s objectives in the COVID-19 context. One of the project activity was to organise two training workshops each year which was done successfully in 2019 and where we obtain excellent results surpassing our targets. In 2020, the national restrictions for travels … Continued

The DRIVEN international conference

The DRIVEN conference was originally planned as a satellite event of the world renowned WCCM-ECCOMAS Congress held in Paris (France) on the 19-24 July 2020. Unfortunately, the conference has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the event was finally organised on the 11-15 January 2021 with a new format, totally virtual. The DRIVEN … Continued

The DRIVEN Coordinator in the media

Our DRIVEN coordinator, Prof. Stéphane Bordas, was recently approached by two scientific media to give an interview about his research work and achievements such as his appearance into the “Highly Cited Researchers 2019” ranking. Find below the links to these interviews:

National projects related to Covid-19

During this turbulent period, the DRIVEN coordinator utilised his time to apply to the national programme FNR COVID-19 Taskforce, a unique initiative aiming to find fast and efficient solutions to the epidemic. Prof. Stéphane Bordas submitted innovative project ideas to the Fond National de la Recherche (FNR) where the benefits of advanced computational sciences are … Continued