Successful online course on IGA

The first DRIVEN virtual lectures took place on WebEx conferencing app the 7-9 of June 2021. This new format is our answer to COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions to address the objectives of DRIVEN to exchange knowledge between the partners. For the ocasion, Prof. Stéphane Bordas, from the University of Luxembourg, prepared a tailored lecture … Continued

Second staff exchange in the DRIVEN project

Dr. Jack S. Hale, Research Scientist and Raphaël Bulle, PhD student, University of Luxembourg, took part in the second staff exchange within the University of Texas at Austin. Jack Hale and Raphaël Bulle visited the Willerson Center for Cardiovascular Modelling and Simulation, within the Oden Institute of Computational Engineering and Sciences (ICES). The Willerson Center … Continued

Visit to DRIVEN project partner: University of Limerick (Ireland)

In the framework of the Horizon 2020 project DRIVEN, two researchers from the LEGATO team on Computational Mechanics – Dr. Lars Beex and Marco Magliulo – have visited the Bernal Institute for 2 weeks in March,  learning how to design and test complex composite structures and sharing also their knowledge in numerical simulations of fibrous … Continued

First staff exchange in the DRIVEN project

Amongst the different activities planned in the DRIVEN project, the organisation of bilateral staff exchanges between the University of Luxembourg and its Twinning partners is probably the most important to create long-term relationship with INRIA, the University of Limerick and UT Austin. In November 2018, Dr. Xavier Besseron from the University of Luxembourg visited the … Continued