The new Seminar Programme

During the year 2020, the DRIVEN partners had to be creative to achieve the project’s objectives in the COVID-19 context. One of the project activity was to organise two training workshops each year which was done successfully in 2019 and where we obtain excellent results surpassing our targets.

In 2020, the national restrictions for travels and the different lockdown periods impacted the DRIVEN project. Nevertheless, it was not enough to stop our partners and coordinator who created a Seminar Programme to continue the exchange of knowledge and training of their staff. As a result, the two DRIVEN workshops planned in 2020 were converted into a Seminar Programme and the following presentations were made available to the whole DRIVEN team:

24/04/2020Aflah Elouneg, Institut FEMTO-STIdentification of keloid and surrounding healthy skin material parameters using Digital Image Correlation measurements in vivo.
08/05/2020Saurabh DeshpandeEstimation of Time Dependent System using Kalman Filtering
12/05/2020Arnaud MazierAn introduction to patient-specific simulation with SOFA framework
05/06/2020Milad ZeraatpishehA Compressible hyperelastic material model for human brain tissue and identification of its parameters using Bayesian inference and Gaussian process surrogate model.
12/06/2020Antoine PerneyFrom triangles to NURBS
19/06/2020Thibault JacqueminPoint Collocation Methods for Linear Elasticity Problems
26/06/2020Vasilis KrokosProbabilistic stress prediction in heterogeneous media using convolutional neural networks
03/07/2020Chintan JansariIsogeometric boundary element method for linear elastic fracture mechanics using trimmed NURBS
10/07/2020Stephane UrcunMechanics and Biology of Glioma Growth – Multiphase reactive poromechanics with the aim of clinical application
17/07/2020Camilo Andres Suarez AfanadorEstimating thermomechanical residual stresses in FDM 3D printed composite parts (ICTAM2020 reported to 2021) – Part 1
24/07/2020Camilo Andres Suarez AfanadorEstimating thermomechanical residual stresses in FDM 3D printed composite parts (ICTAM2020 reported to 2021) – Part 2
31/07/2020Dr Julian HennickerModelling and discretisation of Darcy Flow in fractured porous media
10/10/2020Vasilis KrokosBayesian Neural Networks for uncertainty estimation on regression problems
21/10/2020Saurabh DeshpandeData Driven Hyper-elastic Simulations
21/10/2020Eleni Koronaki“Dinky, Dirty, Dynamic & Deceptive Data (1)”: An overview of hybrid machine learning and equation-based modelling
28/10/2020Cosmin AnitescuMethods Based on Artificial Neural Networks for the Solution of Partial Differential Equations
04/11/2020Arnaud MazierDecision Trees methods, an overview of the white-boxes
11/11/2020Tittu MathewBayesian uncertainty quantification and model selection
18/11/2020Diego KozlowskiBig data for science of science
25/11/2020Anina ŠarkićData driven optimisation of wind energy harvesting in cities
02/12/2020Vivek OOmmenThe effectiveness of PINNs in solving inverse heat transfer problems