The DRIVEN international conference

The DRIVEN conference was originally planned as a satellite event of the world renowned WCCM-ECCOMAS Congress held in Paris (France) on the 19-24 July 2020. Unfortunately, the conference has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the event was finally organised on the 11-15 January 2021 with a new format, totally virtual.

The DRIVEN project took advantage of the ECCOMAS Congress and its 3000+ participants to organise a special symposium on Patient specific biomechanics modeling and simulation Organised by: R. Baier, O. Barrera, S. Bordas, S. Cotin, K. Erleben, J. Llorca, J. Rodrigues, M. Sacks. The DRIVEN event consisted in ten (10) presentations, all pre-recorded as requested by the new format of the ECCOMAS Congress.

  1. 1246 – Highly Automatic Generation of Patient-Specific Foot Models for Biomechanical Simulations E. Morales-orcajo*, A. Stenti, A. Fan, A. Balabanis, S. Ye, T. Leemrijse, P. Deleu, B. Ferré
  2. 2363 – Brain Tissue Poromechanical Modeling with the Aim of Clinical Application in Neurosurgery S. Urcun*, G. Sciumè, P. Rohan, D. Baroli, R. Howells, V. Lubrano, W. Skalli, S. Bordas
  3. 2679 – Computational Modeling Of The Role Of Smooth Muscle Cell Contractility On The Progression Of Aortic Aneurysms A. Ghavamian, S. Mousavi, S. Avril*
  4. 3737 – Mathematical Modeling of Thermal Ablation Treatments in Heart Arrhythmias A. Amatriain*, I. Parra, G. Rubio, E. Valero
  5. 4959 – Evaluation Of A New Protocol To Quantify The Knee Joint Health C. Díaz cuadro*, H. Figueredo, D. Santos
  6. 5029 – Inverse Identification Of Bi-Material Soft Tissue Parameters A. Elouneg*, D. Sutula, A. Lejeune, J. Chambert, F. Chouly, S. Bordas, E. Jacquet
  7. 5147 – Identification of Foot Ligament Stiffnesses for Force-Driven Finite Element Models N. Kroupa*, B. Pierrat, W. Han, J. Molimard
  8. 5148 – Towards the Patient-Specific Numerical Simulation of the Bone Remodelling Process J. Gutiérrez gil*, M. Tur valiente, E. Nadal soriano, J. Ródenas garcía
  9. 5176 – Predicting Mitral Valve Repair Outcomes Using a Patient-Specific Image-Based Modeling Pipeline H. Narang*, B. Rego, A. Khalighi, R. Gorman, J. Gorman, M. Sacks
  10. 6146 – Self-Organising Map Neural Network in the Analysis of Electromyography Data of Muscles Acting at Temporomandibular Joint. M. Troka*, W. Wojnicz, K. Szepietowska, I. Lubowiecka

In addition to the DRIVEN scientific event, the partners took part to other sessions and symposiums covering different topics of data science and applications. In total, the partners pre-recorded twelve (12) other presentations, we are listing below:

  1. 5936 – Adaptive Pht-Splines with Global Plane-Wave Enrichment for Time-Harmonic Acoustics C. Jansari*, J. Videla, S. Natarajan, S. Bordas, E. Atroshchenko
  2. 4496 – Unsupervised Learning Based Model Order Reduction For Hyperelastoplasticity S. Vijayaraghavan*, L. Beex, L. Noels, S. Bordas
  3. 2223 – A Cutfem Method for a Spatially Resolved Energy Metabolism Model in Complex Cellular Geometries S. Farina*, S. Claus, J. Hale, N. Komin, A. Skupin, S. Bordas
  4. 3462 – Practical Aspects of the Bank-Weiser Estimator Implementation and Biomechanics Applications R. Bulle*, S. Bordas, F. Chouly, A. Lozinski, J. Hale
  5. 3187 – Multiple Discrete Crack Initiation and Propagation in Material Point Method T. Adibaskoro*, S. Bordas, W. Sołowski, S. Hostikk
  6. 3650 – Hyper-Reduction Method In Non-Linear Computational Mechanics D. Baroli*, S. Bordas, R. Dhopeshwar, K. Veroy-grepl, K. Veroy-grepl
  7. 5176 – Predicting Mitral Valve Repair Outcomes Using a Patient-Specific Image-Based Modeling Pipeline H. Narang*, B. Rego, A. Khalighi, R. Gorman, J. Gorman, M. Sacks
  8. 5467 – Direct Solution of 3d Soft Tissue Mechanical Behavior Using a Neural Network Energy Based Pde Solution Approach W. Zhang*, T. Buithanh, M. Sacks
  9. 5140 – A High-Fidelity 3d Microanatomical Biomechanical Model of Myocardium E. Mendiola*, R. Avazmohammadi, F. Sachse, M. Sacks
  10. 4936 – How Hydrogel Inclusions Modulate The Local 3d Mechanical Behavior Of Post-Infarcted Myocardium D. Li*, R. Avaz, T. Kawamura, C. Rodell, J. Burdick, R. Gorman, M. Sacks
  11. 5555 – Functional Mechanics of the Murine Pulmonary Heart Valve X. Feng*, F. Liu, H. Liu, C. Breuer, D. Mccomb, M. Sacks
  12. 5552 – High Fidelity Simulation of Heart Valve Interstitial Cell Contractile Behavior in 3d Gels X. Feng, A. Khang*, J. Sansom, N. West, E. Lejenue, M. Sacks