Online Course on Iso-Geometric Analysis

In order to counterbalance the travel restrictions due to COVID-19, the DRIVEN team decided to transform some of the project activities into virtual ones. After several discussions between the University of Luxembourg and the University of Limerick, both partners defined a topic of high interest for their use of data-driven simulations, namely Iso-Geometric Analysis (IGA).

The original staff exchanges (WP1) have been therefore converted into a remote exchange of knowledge and a series of online lectures organised by the University of Luxembourg.

The event will take place on WebEx conferencing app the 7-9 of June 2021 and will consist of online lectures presented by our DRIVEN Coordinator, Professor Stéphane Bordas from the University of Luxembourg. The topics covered by the lectures are the following:

  • introduction to partition of unity
  • a priori error estimation and motivation for advanced discretisation techniques
  • error bounds and enrichment 
  • advances in mesh generation – the state of the art
  • limitations of standard elements
  • motivation for IGA
  • spline approximations and CAD
  • continuity requirements
  • interfaces and patch coupling
  • boundary element approaches
  • fracture mechanics applications
  • moving beyond IGA and its limitations
  • optimisation using IGA